This API is in BETA. For more information on production scale models, please contact us

The Ag-Analytics® CropAI crop identification API uses Harmonized Landsat-Sentinel imagery bands info, soil information, crop rotation, prices, and machine learning to determine what crop has been planted on a given field and when.

b) Crop Identification- beta

The Ag-Analytics Crop Identification GET API allows a user to easily "fetch" and download locally a resulting .tif from the Crop Identification POST API.

The Crop Identification Model, of which the Crop Identification API is based on, takes four main factors into consideration: Location, Weather, Soil information, and Remote Sensing Satellite Imagery/Data. Location, weather, and soil are the three most determining factors in if a given crop will be planted and thrive in a certain area.

Crop Identification API in use on FarmScope® via CropAI tool.


GET Request

Parameter Description Example Request
filename File name to download. From POST request.
Only request a single file at a time.
result_ cropidraster_20191126_183736_ 2356.tif result_ cropidraster_20191126_183736_ 2356.tif

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