Farmland Sales

Ag-Analytics® Farmland Sales API provides users with easy and fast access to filter and find historical farmland sales data as well as land currently for sale.

Boundary API V2

The Ag-Analytics BoundaryAI API provides the service of which a user can retrieve field boundaries within a given area derived from the 2008 CLU boundaries, the last publicly made distribution.


The Ag-Analytics® CropAI crop identification API uses Harmonized Landsat-Sentinel imagery bands info, soil information, crop rotation, prices, and machine learning to determine what crop has been planted on a given field and when.

Cropland Data Layers V2

The Cropland Data Layer (CDL) Service provides an API for requesting CDL layer as a GeoTIFF of the area of interest (AOI) passed by the user and the summary of the major crops planted on the area of interest.

Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Service

The Ag-Analytics® DEM Service API allows for clipping boundaries to the 10 meter USGS DEM map of the United States.

Elevation Index

The Elevation Index API offers a means of computing four elevation indices for an elevation raster that is passed to the service.


This eMODIS API provides a Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI).

Federal Crop Insurance Quoter

The Ag-Analytics Federal Crop Insurance API provides the service of which a user can calculate insurance premiums for Yield Protection, Revenue Protection, and Revenue Protection with Harvest Price exclusion.

Harmonized Landsat Sentinel (HLS) Service

The Ag-Analytics HLS API provides service in which a user can provide a polygon in specific formats with additional customized options to retrieve the dynamics of their land at various times from the Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 satellites. This service provides information on cloud cover, statistics, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index in addition to MSI bands information.

Polaris Soils V2

The POLARIS Soils Data Layers API provides a spatially continuous, internally consistent, quantitative prediction of soil series at a 30 m spatial resolution for the contiguous United States from the POLARIS dataset.


Produces accumulation to date and historical growing degree days, the cumulative sum of days above a certain temperature threshold, from the PRISM dataset.

PRISM Precipitation

The Ag-Analytics PRISM Precipitation API provides accumulated precipitation to date for a given location, from the PRISM dataset.


The Ag-Analytics SSURGO Soils API provides soil type and average of the soil type attribute (e.g., NCCPI) by field for a shape entered, sourced from the SSURGO Soils dataset. SSURGO V2 handles both raster and GeoJSON AOI/file requests.


The Ag-Analytics® TillageAI tillage identification model exposed via API, uses mutlispectral harmonized Landsat/Sentinel data, as well as other data sources and artificial intelligence algorithms to determine whether a field has been tilled or not, and at what date of the year.

YieldAI V3beta

Our new beta Yield Forecast API uses field data and AI to predict crop yields.


The Ag-Analytics® Yield Forecast API uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to forecast the yield on a given field, based on geospatial data.

NAIP Service

The Ag-Analytics NAIP Service API provides users with easy and fast access to imagery from NAIP with user specifications.


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