HLS Service

The Ag-Analytics HLS API provides service in which a user can provide a polygon in specific formats with additional customized options to retrieve the dynamics of their land at various times from the Landsat-8 and Sentinel-2 satellites. This service provides information on cloud cover, statistics, Normalized Difference Vegetation Index in addition to MSI bands information.


The Ag-Analytics® CropAI crop identification API uses Harmonized Landsat-Sentinel imagery bands info, soil information, crop rotation, prices, and machine learning to determine what crop has been planted on a given field and when.


The Ag-Analytics® Yield Forecast API uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms to forecast the yield on a given field, based on geospatial data.


The Ag-Analytics® TillageAI tillage identification model exposed via API, uses mutlispectral harmonized Landsat/Sentinel data, as well as other data sources and artificial intelligence algorithms to determine whether a field has been tilled or not, and at what date of the year.

Planting Date beta

The Ag-Analytics Planting Date API uses machine learning models to give an estimate of the date that a certain crop was planted.


The Ag-Analytics BoundaryAI API provides the service of which a user can retrieve field boundaries within a given area derived from the 2008 CLU boundaries, the last publicly made distribution.

Cropland Data Layers

Powered by CROPAI™

The Ag-Analytics CDL API provides the service of which a user can retrieve the historical crop plantings on a given field over time.


This eMODIS API provides a Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI).

Federal Crop Insurance Quoter

The Ag-Analytics Federal Crop Insurance API provides the service of which a user can calculate insurance premiums for Yield Protection, Revenue Protection, and Revenue Protection with Harvest Price exclusion.

Polaris Soils Data Layers

The POLARIS Soils Data Layers API provides a spatially continuous, internally consistent, quantitative prediction of soil series at a 30 m spatial resolution for the contiguous United States from the POLARIS dataset.


The Ag-Analytics SSURGO Soils API provides soil type and average of the soil type attribute (e.g., NCCPI) by field for a shape entered, sourced from the SSURGO Soils dataset.


Produces accumulation to date and historical growing degree days, the cumulative sum of days above 50°F, from the PRISM dataset.

PRISM Precipitation

The Ag-Analytics PRISM Precipitation API provides accumulated precipitation to date for a given location, from the PRISM dataset.